QIS Mission

QIS provides an educational setting, which enables students to acquire the academic knowledge and develop the learning skills necessary to succeed in their futures and to compete globally .
QIS promotes a safe, orderly, caring and supportive learning environment where stakeholders are encouraged to be involved in their students' learning process.
Our extra – curricular activities inspire students to positively interact with their society, consequently becoming more responsible, reliable, and compassionate citizens.

QIS Vision

New El Quds International School Strives to be a model American School that offers a broad differentiated learning environment which encourages learners to set high expectations for success.

School Values

New El Quds core values and the honor code are the foundational principles for continually improving performance.

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The School’s History

The school was established by Mr. Mohamed S. El Amrawy in 2001 on an area of 7000 square meter.
In 2004, QAS was officially opened.
QAS first began as 4 classes on the last floor of the National School (QLS) building.
During this first year, the administration set goals for the future, based on the vision, mission and the purpose of QAS.
The first goal of QAS, as any school starting off, was to increase enrollment. The next year as the number of students increased, it was evident to the administration that the goals of the school needed to be both evaluated and assessed.
The primary goal put forth by the administration in the year 2005, was to have a separate building due to the growing number of students enrolled.
In 2006, this goal was established; QAS and QLS were located in two separate buildings.
In 2009, QAS was proud to announce that one of the primary long-term goals of building a new site had Been implemented.
The new QAS building was constructed on 10,000 square meters to serve The American Diploma Program and The IGCSE, CIPP program.
Statement of Philosophy on Honor:
The Honor Code and school values at QIS are the most important principle for students, faculty, administration, and staff.
It is the essence of our school community and reflects the strong belief that truly effective and meaningful learning can only occur in an environment where trust and integrity are the standards.
The Honor Code supports virtually every facet of the QIS Mission Statement and is the foundation on which our community of trust is built.
Personal Honor is something that must be consistently and constantly practiced and refined.
We view the Honor Code as the guiding framework for our community, enabling members to further develop their ability to make sound, considerate decisions about Honor able behavior.
Our commitment to this Code serves to elevate our school community above the changing attitudinal whims of society.
The specifics of the Honor Code start with the premise that members of the school community will not lie, cheat, steal, or commit any dishonest act.
As such, students and faculty will sign a contract at the commencement of each school year which will be a commitment to each other and to the school community to abide by the Honor Code.

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