Elementary Division Mission

'Embrace the Power of Education'

Our mission is to prepare our students for tomorrow's world by providing effective and innovative educational practices in a safe and supportive environment.
Our department is committed to inspiring life-long learners, progressing technologically, fostering a student-centered culture, and providing an equitable learning environment that meets the needs of every student.

At QAS Elementary Division, we believe that:

  • The education of the whole child should be the focus of the department.
    Academics, physical activities, fine arts, and character building will be consistently integrated.

  • We must recognize and accommodate the unique learning styles and talents of each child. We will provide learning experiences that are appropriate to a student's age and stage of development.

  • Students will be given educational and personal tools to enable them to become mature, responsible citizens and independent life-long learners who make a positive impact on society.

  • It’s important to inform and involve parents in all aspects of their child's education and continually build positive relationships between students, staff, and parents.
    Education is a collaborative effort between the school, families, and the community at large.

  • We will ensure effective teaching and learning by encouraging flexibility in pedagogical approaches and by recruiting and developing skilled and committed teaching staff.

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Middle School Mission

'Learning today for a better tomorrow'

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The QAS community will develop creative, independent, critical thinkers who positively impact their community and the world.
Our mission is to create a safe environment where all students' academic, emotional, and social development is nurtured and developed.
We utilize collaborative teams to develop a cohesive student centered framework grounded in best practices and evolving curriculum.
Every student will develop the confidence, knowledge, and skill to succeed in high school and beyond.

At QAS Middle Division, we believe that

  • Learning is maximized when it takes place in an environment that promotes respect, responsibility, and self-discipline.

  • Everyone can learn, become better thinkers and independent learners.

  • Parent-teacher-student relationships enable success in learning.

  • It's of utmost importance to understand and appreciate each other as individuals with special interests, aptitudes, and the ability to learn and experience success.

  • Extracurricular activities and technology enable students to explore interests and to cultivate unique skills.

  • Experience and education are valued as a lifelong process.

  • Instilling tolerance and respect for diversity in our students will assist them to make positive contributions to the world.

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