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تحصيل رسوم الباص
School Uniform
Bairam (Eid El Adha) Holiday
Junior 1 School Uniform
  • Primary
  • Preparatory
  • Secondary

In today’s ever expanding global village, the ability to communicate in English opens a whole new world of study, work and travel opportunities. Our English language course provides training across all stages of learning, from English and Modern languages to academic study higher education and into career development.
English language is used in communication between pupils and teachers. As the syllabus of each subject is determined by the Ministry of Education, the teaching methodologies make the difference. Teachers make the lessons more interesting, the use of group work, research projects, presentations, smart board, computer, audio-visual aids, school trips but the most important aspect is the friendly atmosphere created by the school administration and staff members.
Our central aim is to prepare young people for the future in a changing world that demands flexibility, adaptability and tolerance as well as a wide range of skills. We achieve this by enhancing the growth of the children, intellectually, morally, emotionally and socially through an engaging and challenging curriculum in a stimulating and secure environment.
Our staff is a highly motivated and experienced team who seek to develop the individual potential of all students. We value the uniqueness that each child brings to our school. We provide a child – centered supportive environment which encourages students to be independent and self confident learners.

We are committed to
*Prepare the youth to be responsible world citizens
*Develop their intellectual talents to the fullest and help them acquire life-long love learning
*Work together in intellectual, artistic and physical pursuits
*Develop their spiritual and moral values and assist them to become mature and integrated personalities
*Enable the students to make contributions within the school and community
*Consider students, staff and parents as partners in the learning experience
School Rules and regulations
1. Students must be on school premises before the morning assembly. They are not to be collected from school before scheduled time unless an early- leave permission has been given by the Department headmistress. Late students must report to each department headmistress before entering class.
2. Students not using school bus must be collected no later than 15 minutes after school dismissal.
3. Parents of students using bus service are kindly requested to inform the school administration in case they want to pick the students up from school. The reception must be informed before 12:a.m.
4. Students must come to school in complete uniform. P.E. clothing and sports shoes must be worn only on scheduled P.E. days.
5. Hair, if shoulder length or longer, must be tied back using accessories that match the school uniform. Fringes must be held back.
6. Jewelry, nail polish, make up, chewing gum, walkmans and mobiles are strictly forbidden.
7. We highly recommend that parents give advance notice in case they need to set an appointment for meeting with the school director, department headmistress or staff members.
8. Students absent for two days in a row must report to the school doctor before entering class. A medical report must be sent with the student in case of absence for three or more days running.
9. Students are expected to behave in a proper way in school and on the bus. Therefore, misbehavior, misconduct on the bus, vandalism, using bad words and disobeying school rules may result in penalties such as detention, written warning or a warning of dismissal.
10. Private lessons are strictly forbidden and communicating with teachers must be only through members of the administration


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