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تحصيل رسوم الباص
School Uniform
Bairam (Eid El Adha) Holiday
Junior 1 School Uniform
  • Sports

One of the non-scholastic activities that the school offers is sports. There is a wide variety of sports to choose from, and the school is able to cater to the individual talents and interests of the students.
The School has 2 basket ball courts, 2 handball courts ,2 football pitchs , tennis court, that enables all our students get exposed to different sports activities, guided by experts , they are groomed to make physical fitness part of their daily regimen.   They achieved different places in several sportive competitions

  • Multi-media room

The multi –media room aims at developing the basic language skills based on the oral-aural approach. The child is enabled and aided to investigate, probe, analyze and explore through experimentation. To make a child an accomplished and imminent individual in life, it is important to encourage the extension of his /her vocabulary and language skills. It is an extension of the academic curriculum and capacitates the learners to unfold and unfurl their hidden talents.

  • Computer lab
  The 2 computer labs are equipped with PCs with the latest software necessary for effective delivery of the curriculum. Our labs meet the challenging needs of the students, incorporating the latest developments in the filed of science and technology. They provide every student the opportunity to use the computer on one to one ratio, thus making them techno-smart.  
  • Library
   “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” The well stocked library in QLS provides enough scope for all intellectual pursuits. The library consists of over a 3000 books ranging from fiction to encyclopedias, from self help books to books on all subject matters. The unique feature of the library is the ‘Open Access System’ which enables students to access any book freely. The library is also equipped with a number of educational video cassettes on curriculum based topics. To further inculcate the reading habit activities, class library has also been introduced.  
  • School Theatre

  Our school theatre is totally sound proof and air-conditioned .
It has a sound and light system. The school theatre has a seated capacity of 400 seats which enables parents to enjoy watching their children participate in various school activities.
  • Music
  • Art

Art classes are conducted in classrooms and in the arts workshops. It also is accessible to members of the Art Club who usually participate in preparing the decorations for all school activities.

  • Medical Room
  The school has a fully equipped clinic where the highest standards are maintained to meet any emergencies. Regular health check-up of students is done and a record is maintained. Parents are informed if the child needs special medical attention. The clinic also provides vaccination which should be given at various stages of growing up.  
  • Chemistry lab
  Chemistry is not just about having equations or balancing them .It is the hands on experience with chemicals which fascinates our students. Every lesson is complemented with experiments in the lab. We guarantee safety through safety management facilities.  
  • Physics Lab

The world comes alive when children learn the laws of motion, the laws of gravity, the properties of sound and light at our physics lab. Curiosity and quest for scientific knowledge is satiated and pupils begin to make logical connections between the world of science and the world they live in.

  • Biology lab
   “A laboratory is the temple of science." The lab is equipped with most modern facilities which offer the students an opportunity to observe experiments and learn all about living things in a practical and fascinating way.  
  • Science Club

Science is the connection between student's minds and the environment around them.
Here we focus on the students' talents and how to make a good use of their skills so as to apply their knowledge to their life throughout variety of lab activities and taking part in national and international science fairs. 



  • Transportation

The school firmly believes in the motto “Service before self “.Our school has a transport network covering the whole of Alexandria. The drivers and conductors take special care of the students and they are escorted and handed over to their respective guardians by our escorts. The parents rest assured that their children are in safe and caring hands.

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