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Admission Policy



We respectfully request that you review these instructions thoroughly before proceeding to complete the application form.
Both the admission form and the interview process are essential components of the admission protocol.

Admission to EL Quds Schools requires an interview for all students.
1. An interview serves as an opportunity to evaluate the applicant's abilities and identify specific strengths and needs. It is not designed solely to decline an applicant.
2. In certain circumstances and in consultation with parents, re-interviewing a specific applicant might be considered. However, this is not a standard practice but rather an exception based on interview-related circumstances.
3. This application will only be considered complete if all the required documents are submitted on the day of the interview:
    • Six (6) recent passport-sized photographs of the applicant.
    • Computerized birth certificate of the applicant.
    • Photocopy or statement of parents' academic qualifications.
    • Photocopy of parents' identification documents.
    • Certificate of attendance and the most recent school report from the current or former school attended by the pupil.
    • Refundable applicant fee of 1000 EGP for National School, and 1200 for International Schools.

Upon acceptance, the following steps need to be completed and filed for the student:
• Medical report prepared and signed by a school-appointed physician.
• For KG2 and above, the standard transfer procedure should be followed.
In case of rejection or if parents choose not to proceed, the school will retain submitted documents for one month only.
For foreign applicants, please include a photocopy of either the applicant's passport or the parent's passport in which the applicant is registered.


Refund Policy: For any refund inquiries, please refer to the school. The school adheres to the collection and refund policies established by the Ministry of Education.


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