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تحصيل رسوم الباص
School Uniform
Bairam (Eid El Adha) Holiday
Junior 1 School Uniform
  • Mission:

  1. To develop young children psychological side to grow on bases of self confidence, strength and independence.
  2. To develop young children through a rigorous national and international program of study.
  3. To provide opportunities for our Kindergarten children to master basic skills needed to be productive, successful learners.
  4. To provide a stress free learning environment to promote optimum cognitive, social, emotional and physical development.
  5. To make each child's school experience a positive one and help develop a positive attitude toward self, teachers, and school.


Mrs. Riham Sakr
Assistant Head

K.G 1 Co-ordinator

Mrs. Randa El Sewefy
Head of K.G Department

Mrs. Riham Shehata

K.G 2 Co-ordinator

1. Information about the K.G Department:

Every new application should be:
* National system: Age 4 years 1st of October

 2. Papers required:

* National & International system:
- 6 passport photos
- 1 Electronic birth certificate
- 1 photo copy from both mother & father ID.

 3. Daily program:

* National and International system:
* Working hours:
- 8:30 a.m. arrival ® 1:00 p.m. departure.
- School day is divided into 8 lessons.
- Every lesson 30 minutes.
- The schedule includes snack and break

4. Celebration:

The K.G Department is keen to make a big monthly celebration for the children.

  • September: school opening + during the holy month of Ramadan (Galabia party)
  • October:  Eid El Fitr Celebration.
  • November: Child's Day (Fancy dress party)
  • December: New Year Celebration
  • March: Mother's Day Party
  • April: Sport's Day
  • May: End of Year Party + P.S & K.G 2 Graduation

5. Activities:

  •  Physical training
  • Music lessons
  • Computer lessons
  • Religion Lessons
  • Arts and crafts

 6. Communication between the school and parents:

    Hands in hands for a better future
This is the department slogan. A complete co-ordinator between the school & the parents to facilitate the children development academically, socially and psychologically is done as follow:

  • An arranged time table according to the teacher's free time to meet the parents the first week of every month.
  • An Invitation to spend a school working day with your child twice a year.
  • 2 open evenings where parents are invited to their child's classroom in the evening to watch their child's books and copy books.

Head & co-ordinator apply the open door system and ready to receive any comment or complain.

Kg-American Kg-IGCSE