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Commitment, enthusiasm, cooperation, and independence are attitudes that most adequately describe the members of the Elementary Student Council. They are the leaders elected by their classmates.

In the elementary student council we discuss issues that are relevant to the school community and come up with solutions for these issues. The goal of the Student Council is to encourage students to take action on issues that they feel are important. These issues include recycling, fund raising, and awareness campaigns of global issues. The classroom leaders of today will be the leaders of tomorrow.


QAS  Counseling Mission Statement

QAS counselors are student advocates who work in partnership with students, staff, and parents, fostering an inclusive and collaborative school environment central to the success of the school’s overall mission. This program is continually evolving to best meet the needs of our students in a challenging and fast-changing world. Our mission is to maximize each student’s potential through the implementation of a comprehensive program which fosters the competencies leading to lifelong success including personal, social growth, academic skills and career awareness.

Elementary School

In an international setting where cultural sensitivity, transition issues and family support are of particular importance, the QAS counseling and guidance program provides services, support and resources for students, parents, faculty/staff and administrators which facilitate the development of student’s academic, personal, and social skills. Elementary guidance and counseling at QAS is made up of three major components:

  • Classroom Guidance: A child’s physical, social and emotional growth is explored as students participate in discussions, role-plays, group activities, read aloud, and games. Students build personal skills or assets with a focus on making healthy choices.
  • Parent Education and Support: Parents play a vital role in supporting the emotional health and well-being of their children. Counselors look forward to working with parents closely, and encourage parents to make individual appointments with a counselor for additional support.
  • Individual and Small Group Counseling: Students may be referred to a counselor by parents, teachers, administrators and through self-referral. Friendships and transition/adjustment issues make up a majority of the referrals at the Elementary level. Parents will be contacted if it is felt a student needs the support of regular meetings with the counselor.

Middle School

Our counselor provides academic, social and emotional support for QAS students. A student can easily see his counselor by coming to the office, and parents are welcome to contact a counselor at any time during the instructional day.

High School

Counseling services at QAS are designed to help students become aware of their abilities, aptitudes and interests through individual conferences and group meetings. Counselors are available during the school day to discuss problems of a personal nature, the selection of a course of study, college entrance requirements, future career plans or other matters of concern. If a student is experiencing difficulty, the guidance counselor will work with teachers, parents and the student to identify the problem and seek appropriate action.
Our ultimate goal is to help formulate a plan that addresses the needs of every student, including those who may choose a gap year or other path.  We believe that the success of college placement is measured by finding the place where each student will thrive, rather than on creating a list generated only by prestige or popularity.  For us, the “good university” is the place that is an appropriate fit for each of our unique students.