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School's facilities:

  The school operates on a campus of 10,000 square meters which accommodates athletic facilities such as soccer field, basketball and volley ball courts.   

The school building includes an auditorium fully equipped with theater capabilities, library, 2 computer labs, biology, chemistry and physics labs.




Number of students enrolled in the school year 2008/2009 is 353 students.
All new applications must submit previous school records if they have attended school before.
In addition, they are tested for placement prior to acceptance.




In the school year 2008/2009 , there are 57 full time faculty members headed by Mr. Mohamed amrawy – Legal representative and Dr. Hayam Mesbah , school principal .

All members have a minimum of four year college degree; many posses a master degree . In the school's aim to achieve educational excellence , the school provides its faculty with continuous training . This year El Quds School hosted the CITA Five Star Conference