About Us

About Us

IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is the internationally recognized British standard of education accepted both inside and outside Egypt.
Here at El Quds we are preparing our students in the higher grades to join the top faculties and colleges in Egypt and around the world. Our department is focused on the academic side of the student's development and this is the top priority since it is through the achievement of high grades that the student will eventually succeed.
Reflecting this priority El-Quds in partnership with the British University offers scholarships to those students who have proved themselves to be of an exceptional standard of academic achievement.
In addition to this academic focus, El-Quds staff are committed to providing a more rounded education in order to provide the necessary 'life skills' required for life in our global, modern society. More specifically, included in such an education is developing an awareness of the importance of our own cultural and religious traditions and broadening both students' horizons beyond their local culture and their general knowledge. We have several projects running as extra- curricular activities which aim to practically develop these skills


Mission Statement

El Quds IGCSE department`s mission is to create a productive academic environment for students to achieve their maximum potential.
We aim to do this through maintaining a strong sense of discipline throughout the department and by encouraging student dedication to his or her studies in all subjects.


• We aim to develop a student beyond his or her academic potential; they are our future leaders and achievers
• We encourage the development of good manners in the student and a sense of moral responsibility both towards the student to his or herself and towards society at large.
• We aim to guide students towards religious development in their personal lives.
• We aim to install in students the importance of education.
• We want to encourage the students to deal with each other in a respectful, friendly and polite way.
• The pupil / teacher relationship is the key to strong academic development and progress; therefore our aim is for the teachers to foster friendly relationships with their students.
• We try to set clear limits and boundaries to ensure the right balance is maintained in this relationship throughout.

School Policy


•Students should be in school by 7:30 AM.
• Regular dismissal time is 1:30 PM.
• In case of absence, the school office should be notified by the parent before 8:00 AM. A written excuse from the parent of an absent student must be presented to the school administration when the student returns to school.
• No student may leave school during the school day unless accompanied by a parent or guardian who must report to the school office. In the case of a student falling ill while at school, the school will call the telephone number listed under the Emergency Contact number submitted by parents on registration.

School Uniform

• School uniform is compulsory at all times. Hats, jewelry and expensive watches are not allowed.
• Students are expected to maintain a tidy and clean look.

School Bus

•Students who come by school bus are expected to be at their designated pick up points on time.
• Students are expected to maintain order and discipline as long as they are on board the school bus.

Student Behaviour

• In order to form proper habits and attitudes, the following rules for good conduct are expected to be followed by every student, this includes:
 Maintaining respect for all teachers, school staff, and other students.
 Ensuring respect for all school property.
 Being courteous and considerate for all members of the school community.
 Observing silence in places and times designated for silence.
 No chewing of gum in the building or on school grounds.
 No student is allowed anywhere in the school building without supervision.
• Mobile phones must be switched off at all times, if a student is found using one, it will be confiscated.
Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken for failure to adhere to the above rules.
• Parents who wish to meet with Mrs. Iman El-Adawy need to make an appointment with the school secretary.
• The school contacts parents via email and phone so please make sure you provide us with correct emails and phone numbers.

Uniform list

Students must be equipped with the right clothing in accordance with the schools policy on uniform. Items of clothing that do not conform to this policy are NOT permitted.The student is required to have:
• A number of purple El Quds T-shirts emboldened with the El Quds Logo. (Please note that the student must have enough T-shirts to ensure he or she always has a clean one available for school).
• A number of pairs of beige loose fitting trousers.
• An El-Quds emboldened or dark blue, plain sweat shirt (needed in winter). Any other colour or design of sweatshirt is not allowed.
• All clothes should be the appropriate size for the student, tight clothes are forbidden.

Our Facilities

  • Security

     A fire extinguisher is available on each floor.
     An emergency exit drill is conducted regularly.

  • Laboratories

     State–of –the art science laboratories.
     Multimedia Room
     Art, Music and Cookery rooms.
     Cafeteria: Serving healthy snacks, sandwiches and beverages.

  • Medical Clinic

     The medical clinic is opened from 9:00 am till 3:00 pm everyday and a doctor and 2 nurses are there throughout to take care of all medical issues in case of illness or injury.
     Students can obtain permission from the doctor to go home if necessary.

Curriculum Guide

IGCSE students need to study 8 IGCSE subjects (equivalent to O-levels or Ordinary level) and 2 A – L (Advanced Level) subjects. These 10 subjects are distributed over the period of 3 years.

  • Grade 9

    - 5 IGCSE subjects Core only: Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics and Physics.

    - National Subjects (Egyptian Ministry of Education): Arabic, Religion and Social Studies.

  • Grade 10

    - Cambridge syllabus: Biology, Chemistry, English and Mathematics and Physics.

    - National Subjects (Egyptian Ministry of Education): Arabic, Religion, Social Studies and Civics.

  • Grade 11

    - Cambridge syllabus (chosen from): I.T, First Language Arabic, Accounting, Business Studies, English Literature, French as a Second language, Art and Design and "Thinking Skills". One or two A-L (Advanced Level) subjects according to the student's choice.

    - National Subjects (Egyptian Ministry of Education): Arabic and Religion.

  • Grade 12

    - Cambridge syllabus: Completion of subjects the student has not yet finished.

    - National Subjects (Egyptian Ministry of Education): Arabic, Religion, and Civics.

  • Extra Curricular activities

    -- Summer School

    For both Grade 9 and Grade 10 there is a summer course available in English and I.T. Requests maybe considered for courses in other subjects.
    The course in English is strongly recommended for those students who are new to the school since this course will orientate the student towards the main course during term time.

    -- Sports

    All sports activities are held in the old building after school and on Saturdays throughout both the summer and the winter. El-Quds offers Football, Basketball, Tennis and Volleyball.

    -- Volunteer Programs

    El-Quds I.G. department is giving the opportunity to its students to participate in a number of optional volunteer programs for the purposes of charity. Our first project is to be launched this year and starts with "Read to the Blind".

    -- Student Union

    The Student Union is a chance for the students to participate in the running of the department, they are free to suggest, complain and even complement.

    -- Student Mentor Program

    This year we will start a new student mentor program in which we aim to promote more positive interaction and co-operation between the students. Older students will be appointed as a 'mentor' to younger students to help them in their studies in addition to the formal lessons required by the curriculum.