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We hope you are enjoying your visit to the QAS website, where you can find not only general school information, but also exciting student and faculty projects, class pages and the latest in sports, fine arts and hands-on student activities. 

El Quds American School is available from pre K till G12. QAS offers the American curriculum in a most professional and modern way and more than meets the standards of NCA CASI (The North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement). An integral part of the curriculum is the development of critical thinking skills

The school was established by Mr. Mohamed S. Al Amrawy in 2001 on an area of 7000 square meter.
In 2004, El Quds American School was officially opened. QAS first began as 4 classes on the last floor of the National School (QLS) building. During this first year, the administrations set goals for the future, based on the vision, mission and the purpose of QAS. The first goal of QAS, as any school starting off, was to increase enrollment. The next year as the number of students increased, it was evident to the administration that the goals of the school needed to be both evaluated and assessed


The vision of El Quds American school faculty is dedicated to empowering all of our students with knowledge, skills, and confidence to fulfill their life long aspirations .....


El Quds School’s mission exists to serve the unique academic, physical, social and emotional needs of students who are in a special and critical period of their lives as.....


El Quds core values are the foundational principles for continually improving performance

- Equity in learning process .....